Chimney Effect and Home Cooling

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The chimney effect utilizes the all-natural occurrence in the house of hot air rising and cool air settling. The variation in temperature is often as much as fifteen degrees. Even without using prevailing air flow through the household, one could enable cool a property by a comprehension of how the chimney effect operates.

The Employment of Vents at Home

This article will discuss the sse of different kinds of vents employed within the house to assist with air cooling.

The first are kitchen and bathroom exhaust vents. The usage of these are typically crucial in getting rid of humidity created in the kitchen and bathroom from cooking and also bath or shower. It is alright to use window open within the kitchen and operate an exhaust fan during preparing food, whether or not the air conditioner is running. And, most definitely run the exhaust fan in the bathroom even though taking a shower or bath inside the summer time. Otherwise, it’ll stimulate the air conditioner to operate far more and most certainly help make the residence feel warmer.

Roof vents should be placed on the downwind side of the household’s roof and as towards the apex as you possibly can. The situation of them really influences their usefulness. They are not too difficult to install oneself; just always remember that they will should also be rain proof.

Ridge vents are excellent in venting an attic and also will utilize prevailing winds. If one lives in warmer locale, these really should be a need to have.

Gable vents are super easy to install and one doesn’t need to must rain proof them nearly as much as a roof vent. They do operate ideally together with fan within the attic which is able to blow air playing by way of the vent. The very best positioning should be to work with all the prevailing, or natural air flow direction of the house when it comes to which side of the house to place the gable vent.Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are the most typical variety of roof vents utilized on most homes currently and by way of a completely passive means. They can be easily installed and do not have to be rain resistant, for rain will be unable to enter by way of the vents.

Whole home vents and fans are wonderful at ventilating the complete home. It is basically a large exhaust fan within the attic intended to pull the hot air out of the home in a short time. They can make use of a good amount of electricity, but they really should not be run consistently – brief runs during hot intervals inside the day or early evening to rapidly rid the home of hot air only. A single must ensure to not have the air conditioner operating as the entire residence fan is on, for one doesn’t want to suck the air conditioner cool air out of the home too. They are generally loud, but once more, are not to be run for extended amounts of time.

This is just a short explanation of these different kinds of house vents to add in making full use in the chimney effect for homes. Do not hesitate get in touch with us for more resources on how to best utilize these types of vents for ones dwelling.

Mold in a Heating and Air Conditioning System

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It is challenging to understand that one has mold and mildew inside an HVAC system unless a service technician searches for it. Nonetheless, it is feasible to feel its effect in the home. Each time the air conditioner runs, mold particles can be grabbed by the circulation of air over the air conditioner coil, and then be sent out in the ductwork and right into all the spaces of ones residence. Below is what Ft Myers house owners can do to promptly spot signs of mold concerns in the house.

How Mold Develops in ones Ft Myers HVAC System

Thankfully for us, there has been a great deal of study done on, and information covered mold. Scientists are experienced regarding they different manner in which it develops. For mold to develop, it needs a suitable environment and a resource of food. It is necessary that the ductwork in ones house remain tidy of debris, which would be the best food on which for mold to feed. Water does not naturally collect inside of air ducts, however if it was to be found there, it would definitely motivate mold and mildew to expand. Dampness will be discussed following. It is recommended to occasionally have actually ductwork properly cleaned.

Since dampness happens during the dehumidification process when the air condition system is operating, moisture can be existing in ductwork. Nevertheless, with regular our upkeep to ones HVAC system, specialists will make sure the drain lines and coils are working effectively and clean of mold and mildew. These actions will help hinder the environment for mold to develop, along with the cleaning of air ducts.

Indicators of Mold

The earlier one is able to determine that there is mold and mildew in ones home the better. It is obvious that it can effect ones health, The Environmental Protection Agency states that breathing in the existence of mold has the ability to impact the breathing system, and those with bronchial asthma and allergies. Right here are some signs that mold may be a concern in the house:

A musty odor in the house.
The smell of mildew in several areas of the home.
The mildew odors are extra dominate when the HVAC system is running.
Mold has currently been found in other areas of the house.

Ultraviolet Light and Bacteria ControlFt Myers UV Light to Fight Mold

It was discovered in the very early 19th century that ultraviolet light could be utilized to control germs. Researchers learned this while working with individuals with tuberculosis. Given that during this moment, this technique has been used to kill bacteria in places like health centers and restaurants. Today, UV lights are utilized for doing this inside HVAC systems. They have proven successful at killing microorganisms prior to them going into the air flow of a home, assisting those that experience breathing problems.

The specific process of using UV lights with an HVAC system vary, yet generally it means positioning UV lights inside an air handler so they could get rid of microorganisms on coils as air comes through return duct. These are cost effective remedies that are working every time ones HVAC system is activated. The ultraviolet lights will aid control mold along with irritants in the HVAC system. For those with allergies, this is valuable, in addition to removing any moisture in the air.

House Moisture Control Approaches

Regulating dampness levels in the home is crucial. Using a dehumidifier is a superb method to do so. Though it is difficult to totally get rid of all traces of mold anywhere, getting on top of moisture is the most effective action to take. Adhere to these ideas in helping to do so:

Repair any type of water damage issues as quickly as possible, however especially ensure the source of the water leak is repaired.
Reduce interior humidity to 30-60%.
Items that have actually had water harm need to be dried off withing two days.
Help stop condensation by making sure the residence is properly insulated.

It is necessary for one making certain the air within ones residence is as clean and devoid of the possibilities of mold as feasible. The most effective means to do so is to make sure the moisture degree inside the house is managed. Additionally, we would absolutely suggest letting us come and execute a yearly maintenance on ones HVAC system and perform a mold examination if one feels it is needed.

Why Air Conditioners Leak

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An air conditioner is created to create a small amount of water while it is operating because of condensate removal. Nevertheless, if water is running from ones air conditioner it has to be evaluated immediately for something is not okay with just how it is running. There are various locations of water leaks on an AC system, though a lot of the time we see them occurring from the same few spots. Any leaking water inside the residence has to be repaired swiftly, for one does not want to add water damage cleanup and repair to the total expense of taking care of the air conditioning system leak. Also, the longer the cooling system do without being fixed, the bigger the leak will typically end up being.

Regular Ft Myers AC System Water Leak Locations

These are some of the most usual locations where water may be leaking from ones home AC system.

Condensate Tray and Drain

The additional moisture that normally is created while the AC system is working leaves the system from the condensate tray and drain. The tray that accumulates the condensate water is located underneath the AC evaporator. There is a drain pipe that the tray is supposed to drain into, and after that the water runs outside the house. Often the drain tray might have a crack or is not tilted correctly to drain water right into the drain pipe. If this is the case, the water will not flow outdoors and will certainly overflow in the condensate drain tray.

One more opportunity is the condensate drain itself may be blocked or have a crack in the pipe. When the drain pipe is loaded with sufficient water, the condensate tray will no longer be able to drain. Eventually it will overflow and will certainly continuously do so till the drain obstruction is fixed.

Due to Reduced Refrigerant

It is an intriguing sight to have an AC unit with ice on it in the summertime. Nonetheless, when the refrigerant level is low, it can create the coils in the evaporator to freeze. When this happens ice develops on the coils. When the system is turned off, the ice will certainly thaw, creating water to drip off the coil and onto the surface area below. This melting water could cause several problems if the evaporator unit lies in the attic of the residence.air-conditioning-duct-insulation

Ductwork that is Not Insulated Effectively

Because the ductwork is metal, it is very easy for it to create condensation when the temperature shifts from warm to cool as conditioned air flows through it. By insulating the ductwork it will certainly aid to decreasing the temperature adjustments and it will additionally absorb any kind of condensation that could collect. At any time the ductwork is not insulated, condensation could base on it and drip, causing leakage.

These are a few of the usual reasons why ones air conditioning system be leaking water, though not the only factors. It benefits house owners to be aware of the basics of just how their house cooling systems operate and to examine them frequently making sure water leakages, or anything else unnecessary is occurring with the system. Provide a local AC repair Ft Myers business a call if you are not sure exactly what should be provided for a repair.

Reasons for AC Circuit Breaker Trips

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When the temperatures seriously rise throughout Ft Myers, we get a great deal of inquiries from homeowners that their air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker. So long as one will be able to reset the breaker and will not happen once again, everything should really be alright. But, when it does still happen, remember to contact us to find out precisely what the issue may be. Ignoring the problem may well turn into a larger Ft Myers Air Conditioning Repair problem. Because the circuit breakers task is to act as a safety device, when it trips there is certainly a good reason behind it.

A number of the explanations why a circuit breaker could trip happen to be an easy fix, while others will be more complex and will need the assistance of a professional air conditioner repair person. Following is a list of the prevalent reasons behind these troubles and exactly what Ft Myers property owners are capable of doing to take care of them.

Prevalent Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker ChallengesAC Circuit Breaker Box

Circuit or Wiring Issues

Everything with the AC unit itself might be okay. The issue might be with the wiring or the circuit breaker itself. The following items are usual reasons why a circuit may possibly fail.

Electrical Connections are Loose
The electrical connections in the breaker box itself could possibly be loose. They’re able to become loose via temperature shifts, which could trigger wires to expand and contract, much like the temperature is able to do to most anything. With time, it could possibly make the connections to loosen.

The Breaker is Bad
Breakers are constructed to survive a very long time however they don’t endure forever. The caution indicators that one may have a bad breaker are:
It is very hot to the touch
There is a burning smell near to the breaker
Visible indications like the breaker appears like it has burn marks on it
Wires are frayed

Trying to fix electrical gadgets about ones residence can be rather harmful! We’d prefer to aid with any noticeable electrical problem with ones AC unit, which includes the circuit breakers.

Higher Amp Pull
Whenever an air conditioner is trying to pull way too many amps, the cicuit breaker could trip. Consequently when this happens, the primary thing to think about is why is the AC unit wanting to pull more amps than normal, providing the breaker itself continues to be in good working order. Many of these repairs house owners can take a look at solving on their own while others will need our help. The first things we will look at next are general AC maintenance topics.

AC Breaker Repairs Ft Myers Homeowners Can Resolve

Unclean Air Filters
When was the last time the air filters of the air conditioner were replaced? Any time the air filters become clogged, it will certainly minimize the quantity of air going into the air conditioning unit that can be recirculated throughout the residence. Not carrying out this one quick fix will cause an AC system to run considerably harder than the majority of property owners recognize, and can help one save money with operating expenses. Any time changing the air filter, remember to remember to turn the AC off first.

Unclean Condenser Coils
Have a look at the condition of the coils outdoors on the AC unit to observe how clean or unclean they look. If they happen to be beginning to be seriously unclean, they will require a good cleaning to get the best efficiency from the system. In very much the same way a clean air filter should be used, the coils need to be clean in order to cool down the refrigerant which absorbs heat from the air inside of the house. Yet again, the home cooling system will operate a lot harder to execute this process and can cause the system to draw a lot more amps from the circuit breaker.

AC Breaker Repairs for a CITY AC Repair Specialist

Listed here are several of the bigger likely explanations why ones circuit breaker continues to trip, and that an experienced air conditioning repair company like us really should be contacted.

Low Refrigerant (and a leak)
Putting in more refrigerant to an air conditioner any time it requires it is something absolutely to be left to us. Whenever it is low, it forces the AC unit to work harder, which, similar to the rest of the things we have mentioned, produces much less energy efficiency. We will inspect to be certain there is not a refrigerant leakage any place so the cooling system will retain the correct quantity of refrigerant.

Condenser Fan Malfunctions
The condenser coils were discussed prior, but the fan that blows the air might need a repair or replacing.

Bad Capacitors
The capacitor is what starts the compressor. They may wear out from time to time and this might be the issue in the event the air conditioner is experiencing difficulty starting before the circuit breaker trips. We can take care of executing a capacitor replacement.

Other internal components
One can find various other internal parts which could lead to a breaker to trip. For the sake of time, we can not discuss them in this article.

Never think twice to contact us if you want to find out more about this, or feel that you may need a breaker or AC check up. We delight in instructing house owners maintenance actions to take in order to help hinder the need for a Ft Myers Air Conditioning Repair.

Advances in Window AC Design

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Window air conditioning systems are not fun at all for Ft Myers homeowners to have to install each springtime. These AC units are large, heavy and impossible to move and install by oneself. And, do we truly should talk about how unappealing they are as well? If only there was a much easier, much more eye-catching choice. Well, by the summer of 2017, there may be.

Mechanical engineer Kurt Swanson has actually made a brand-new type of home window AC device called Noria. Swanson, who says he has always wanted thermodynamics, has designed just what is to date, possibly the most eye-catching looking window AC unit. Nonetheless, it is much more than simply visually attractive. It is small enough to be stored under a bed, and it may be programmed with a smartphone.  According to Design Milk, “The Noria from Likuma Laboratories is shaping up to be a contender as an intriguing cooling solution…”

“I thought, ‘How can I leverage what I know about heat transfer into a better product?’ ” Swanson said. The air-conditioning unit was the obvious choice. “This is a big industry, and people buy these things and universally hate them.”  (read more…)

Swanson has actually been collaborating with a group at Likuma Labs to get the system ready to market. The objective has been making as powerful of an air conditioner system as possible in as tiny of a design. That thinking has worked well, for what they have developed is 40 percent smaller sized and 25 percent lighter in weight. The lightweight structure is initially set up into the window opening, then the AC device moves into the framework. The whole thing can be kept in exactly what appears like an extra thick briefcase sized box, which could slide under a bed for winter season storage.

The product will launch on Kickstarter April 19, 2016, in hopes of raising adequate money for shipping in the summer of 2017. Initial pricing for the AC system is $295.

We will certainly be following this and providing updates as the project is introduced.

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The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning maintenance is vital we know at Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL if one wants to keep a repair-free air conditioner.  Many of the tips that we share with our customers are well illustrated in the infographic posted below.

Many tips and ideas are easy for homeowners to perform themselves and do not cost much money.  However, the the long term cost advantages are great in terms of cutting back on costly repair bills or air conditioning replacements.   Check out our page on preventative maintenance tips and our article on what common AC issues for more information on the topic too!

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL

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Evolution of Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL saw this info graphic today and felt it was a good follow up to our recent post on Fun Air Conditioning Facts.  We kind of like finding these info graphics because they are a quick read and certainly more “fun” to read than an article.  Hope you enjoy it!

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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Ways to Save Energy at Home This Summer

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Heat created from within your home can contribute considerably to the expenses of cooling. Below are a couple of tips to assist in getting rid of heat from within in the home from Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL:

Turn off incandescent lights. Just 5 % of the energy that enters a common incandescent bulb comes out as light. The remaining 95 % comes out as heat! Change to energy-efficient LED bulbs – they produce 90 % less heat, in addition to using 75 % less energy. At first more costly, they are actually less expensive than incandescent bulbs in the long run because they make use of less energy and last a lot longer.

Don’t place lights or TVs near your air conditioning thermostat. The heat from these appliances will trigger the air conditioner to run longer.

Cook with microwave, barbeque or pressure cooker. The microwave produces virtually no heat, and is a lot more energy-efficient than the stove or oven. The pressure cooker generates less interior heat with fairly reduced energy consumption. The barbeque, naturally, keeps the heat exterior.

Decrease sources of humidity. Reducing humidity in your house lead to less condensation on your air conditioner coils, conserving electrical power and lowering this concealed source of heat. To minimize humidity:
– vent clothing dryer to the exterior.
– use exhaust fans in kitchen and restroom.
– cover pots when cooking.
– If you have a crawl area, cover any bare dirt with a plastic ground-moisture obstacle.

Seal off laundry space; line-dry garments. Washers and clothes dryers generate large quantities of heat and humidity. When possible, utilize them in the morning or late evening when you can better put up with the extra heat. Seal the utility room when in use, and duct or vent the air to the outside of your house.

Use a clothes line to dry clothes. Clothes dryers launch a considerable amount of heat during operation; they also eat a great deal of electricity. Toss your garments in the dryer on fluff for a few minutes if line-dried clothes are too stiff.

Air dry dishes. This will lower the heat created by the drying out cycle of your dishwasher. Wash just complete loads to lower device use.

Insulate water heater. Water heaters radiate heat which can be quickly contained by insulation. You can purchase a water heater ‘blanket’, or insulate the water heater yourself making use of faced fiberglass insulation and tuck tape. Make certain not to cover any vents. This basic method will likewise considerably increase the efficiency of your water heater, leading to lower energy costs.

Turn off hot water circulating pump in summertime. If you have a hot water circulating pump for instantaneous hot water at all faucets consider shutting off for the summer. A lot of houses do not have insulated water lines and you pay both heating up the water and eliminating the heat from your home with your air conditioning, the little inconvenience is worth it for energy preservation.

Seal ducts and close basement doors. Numerous homes with central heating have ducts which run with the attic and crawl space. If the seams in these ducts are leaky, specifically in the attic, they can draw in hot summer season air which streams into your house, creating even more of a tons for a/c. Minor duct repair works are simple to achieve, and generally involve folding or crimping the tin edges with a pliers. Ducts in unconditioned areas, nevertheless, need to be sealed and insulated by competent specialists using the appropriate sealing materials. Air shaft which result in your basement should also be turned off, as this part of your house normally cools itself normally. Keep the door to the basement closed, as cool air will settle down to the basement where it isn’t needed.

Ventilate with a window fan. If outdoors temperature is below 77°, a window fan can be utilized to change hot indoor air. Locate fan on the downwind side with fan cutters directing the air outwards. To improve air flow, open a window in each space and make sure all interior doors are open.

Shut gas supply to fireplace and heaters. The pilot burner generates a considerable quantity of heat, and must be off throughout warm months. Re-lighting the aviator light in the fall is as easy as pushing a button on a lot of facilities. Fireplace dampers must likewise be closed throughout the hot months of the year; this decreases the loss of cooler air from inside the house.

As always, the US Department of Energy has excellent advice on energy efficiency as does the Energy Star website.

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL

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Fun Air Conditioning Facts

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The inner operations of an air conditioner might not be as fascinating to the average property owner as they are to the experienced Heating and Air professional, however don’t take this outstanding invention for granted! Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL has paid tribute to the great ol’ air conditioner with some enjoyable realities below.

1. The air conditioner had not been invented for individuals. In 1902 the 25-year-old graduate from Cornell University, Willis Carrier, created the first idea of the air conditioner to resolve a humidity problem afflicting the printing process at a New York publishing business.

2. The United States population would be expanded very in a different way. Not till the creation of the air conditioner did states like Nevada, Texas and Florida experience population booms. In reality, the northeast was the nation’s financial powerhouse until Air Conditioning permitted for cities to be created in various other parts of the country.

3. The motion picture sector and motion picture theaters would not be as successful. Film makers began to launch summer season hits to benefit from the dark and cool rooms where people can escape from the summer heat. Motion picture theaters would even market their “cooled air” as a way to draw clients in. And it worked!

4. The development of the air conditioner threatened summer holiday. Despite the fact that this extremely prepared for break from institution was at first produced so children might escape the heat, the practice continued after the Air Conditioning was invented. Say thanks to goodness!

5. The government is bigger. This one is feasible, but some blame the growth of the federal bureaucracy on the truth that law makers can remain in session longer due to air conditioned spaces. Similar to institutions, the government made use of to take a 2-3 month break throughout the summertime months to stay out of the heat.

6. Many innovations in health and medication would not exist. Particular drugs and medications couldn’t have actually been created without cooled, regulated environments, and the spread of disease in medical facilities would be tougher to include.

According to DivineCaroline:

It’s no exaggeration to say that America owes a huge debt to air-conditioning. It’s allowed us to live and work in more relative comfort than at any other time in human history. The next time you go to work, sleep soundly, visit a supermarket, take a pill, or even surf the Internet in the summer, remember that—for better or for worse—air-conditioning made it possible.  via: Twelve Surprisingly Cool Facts About Air-Conditioning

To wrap up this cool discussion on air conditioning, Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL would like to share the following infographic that sums it all up nicely.

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL

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Fixing HVAC Issues

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The heating, ventilation and air condition system in your house, much better referred to as the HVAC system, is a collection of intricate parts that work in tandem to cool your house throughout the summer season. Small issues with a single part can impact how the entire system functions. Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL feels homeowners should know ways to fix some of the most common troubles with HVAC systems prior to something breaks down this summer season.

Ice on the Coils

A problem some HVAC systems experience is the look of ice on the condenser coils inside of the unit. This ice could be triggered by a number of concerns. It’s usually indicative of an absence of correct air movement. Unclean and clogged air filters are the most common reason for this limited air movement, however the good news is, they are really easy to clean or change, and when re-installed, will enable the right airflow to your system to thaw your coils. Nonetheless, another reason ice can form on your coils is when your refrigerant levels are low.

Rapid Cycling

If you notice that your HVAC system is continuously biking, it means your compressor– or even the entire system– is turning on and off more frequently than typical. This can have a substantial negative impact, not just on the different parts of the system, but also on your wallet. If this biking continues over an extended amount of time, you might eventually decrease the service life of a few of the components in your HVAC system.

Frequent cycling also inhibits moisture removal. On humid days, removing moisture is essential for acceptable levels of comfort.  via: Types of Air Conditioners

One possible source for this quick cycling is a thermostat that is set so reduced the system can not preserve the temperature level. Another problem could be faulty wiring in between your thermostat and HVAC system. Finally, the concern could be triggered due to a malfunctioning sensor that will need replacement by a heating and air conditioning expert.

Unit Simply Not Working

There are occasionally when your HVAC system just will not power on. One usual cause for this problem is if a breaker or fuse has actually blown. The majority of systems have fuses on one the external unit and inside of your home. Replacing or resetting these components will frequently times repair the issue completely. Another problem could be damaged wiring triggered by pests or severe weather condition conditions. Harmed wiring will require an expert’s attention. Last but not least, if these do not repair your problem, you may have a damaged or malfunctioning thermostat that will should be replaced.

No Cool Air

Exactly what’s the point of having your HVAC system during the grueling summer season if it does not provide you with cool, streaming air throughout your house? Any number of problems can lead to your system no longer producing cooled air. Among these issues to search for is a refrigerant leakage within your system. These leaks take place regularly in HVAC systems, so make a habit of examining your levels routinely. Any refrigerant leakage will remove the mechanism needed to cool the air being pumped into your home. Harmed sensors can likewise avoid the compressor from activating appropriately, leaving your entire HVAC system as absolutely nothing more than a glorified fan. A system that does not produce cool, crisp air will should be inspected by an expert in order to tackle the specific concern.

Clogged Drainage

Residents, especially those who see excessive amounts of water accumulating unnaturally in odd locations, or even pouring out of your HVAC unit, could be fighting a clogged drainage stations. A clogged drain could occur since of bugs building a nest or hive in the opening or around your system’s pan. It might also be the outcome of particles and a lack of appropriate maintenance. A clogged drain can be a simple repair if you’re able to require compressed air from the hose to remove any obstructions. Nevertheless, various other obstructions could need you to change the entire hose and extensively clean the pan.

Uncommon Smells or Sounds

Have you ever been sitting with your family in the living room when suddenly you hear an uncommon sound coming from your HVAC system? Exactly what about out-of-place odors coming from your system? These peculiar smells and appears originating from your HVAC system need to not be ignored. They could indicate a severe issue that might cause your system from working during the summer. Banging or pinging noises often suggest one or more components are misaligned or out of place. Odd burning smells could indicate a leak or a part that requires lubrication. If you discover any odd smells or sounds coming from your HVAC system, there’s no requirement to be Superman or Superwoman. Call Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL to take care of the issues and repair them effectively.

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Staying Cool and Safe During the Hot Summer

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Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL would such as to offer some suggestions for remaining cool and safe in the hot summertime weather.

According to the National Weather Service, “Heat is one of the leading weather-related killer in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year.” via: Heat: A Major Killer

  • Remain in the coolest place available. Oftens the basement of your home is cool, and if your air conditioner ought to fail this is the very best online site to set up camp until it can be dealt with!
  • Stay hydrated -beverage 8 glasses of water and juices a day, even if you’re not thirsty!
  • Dress in loosened fitting, light-weight and light colored, natural fiber clothes. If you are outdoors put on a hat to limit exposure to the sun and offer shade.
  • Rest throughout the middle of the day when the temperatures are best.

According to, “people living in urban areas may be at greater risk from the effects of a prolonged heat wave than those living in rural areas. Also, asphalt and concrete store heat longer and gradually release heat at night, which can produce higher nighttime temperatures known as the ‘urban heat island effect.'” via: Extreme Heat

Use fans effectively

Ft Myers ceiling fan

ceiling fan (Photo credit: Steve A Johnson)

  • Use a fan to bring in cooler air from outside or vent hot air out– box fans are best.
  • DO NOT use fans in a shut space without windows or doors open to the outside.
  • DO NOT secondhand a fan to blow directly on you when temperature levels are 90 degrees and above. This can cause your temperature level to increase and trigger heat stroke.
  • Bathe or shower frequently in cool water

Know when your body has heat stroke or heat exhaustion and exactly what to do:

  • Heat stroke indicators: hot, red skin, really high body temperature of 104 degrees to 106 degrees, quickly breathing, unwell to stomach, not starving.
  • Heat stroke is life threatening– call 911 instantly.
  • Heat exhaustion signs: cool, pale, and moist skin; heavy sweating, headache, sick to swallow, dizziness, throwing up and body temperature level almost normal or somewhat high 102 degrees to 104 degrees.
  • Reacting to heat fatigue: Get the person to a cool website, have them lay down on their back and cool by fanning and putting ice bags or wet towels on.

Really hot days and periods of successive days of above 90 degrees typically lead to ozone activity days. When there is an ozone activity day the air quality outdoors is poor and can be troublesome to elderly people and those with breathing troubles; those people need to restrict their exposure outdoors.

Check frequently on the elderly, sick or handicapped relatives, next-door neighbors and friends who live alone.  If essential find air conditioned areas that are open to the public such as collections and community facilities for relief.

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL would like to share our article on the typical problems with an AC unit as well.

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Five Common Air Conditioning Issues

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In the high summer heat, you may have your air conditioning system running complete blast for a minimum of 8– 10 hours a day. It’s around this time that numerous typical air conditioning unit troubles begin revealing– however with appropriate monitoring of the cooling system, they could be avoided says Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL.

The Five Most Common Air Conditioner ProblemsAC Repair Ft Myers FL

Incorrect refrigerant levels— the single most crucial look into preserving your ac unit is ensuring your refrigerant is at the proper level. The refrigerant in your AC is set at installation, and, barring poor setup, having inappropriate refrigerant levels implies you most likely have a leakage.

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leakage, do not try to just add more refrigerant– this will not solve the underlying problem and, if you add too much, can cause more damage. Rather, call an HVAC business to come out and fill the leakage. Trust us– it will save you substantially in the long run.

A note about leaky refrigerant: lots of symptoms associated with poor levels resemble those that come when your filters should be replaced. Before you require air conditioner repair work, attempt replacing the filters and see if that does anything. If you have changed them and your AC still is not working, this is normally a sign of larger troubles.

Poor maintenance— one of the most typical air conditioning unit troubles is the absence of correct air conditioning unit upkeep. A great deal of individuals presume that if their air conditioners worked in 2012, they’ll work this year, no issue. Like anything mechanical, air conditioners are subject to pretty extreme wear and tear– both when they’re running throughout the summer season and when they’re off during the winter. If you do not set up seasonal ac unit maintenance every summer, there’s no telling exactly what could fail with your air conditioner– anything from filthy coils that decrease your AC’s effectiveness to finish compressor or fan failure!

Electrical control failure— if your air conditioner is extra-large, it will need to cycle regularly to maintain your home’s temperature level. If this takes place, it can trigger the fan regulates or compressor to break rapidly. Even if your AC is the right size, rusting metals and wires can trigger significant troubles with your AC operation, potentially jeopardizing your entire system.

Heat sensor troubles— if you have a room ac unit that appears to be behaving unevenly, it may be having some issues with its heat sensor. The heat sensor gauges the temperature level of air blowing into the evaporator coil, and if it breakdowns, it can cause the AC to cycle on and off or simply closed down. The heat sensor need to be placed as near the coil as possible, without in fact touching it. If it gets knocked out of place, you can generally adjust it by readjusting the wire that holds it in location.

Drainage troubles— if it’s humid outside, the condensate drain on your air conditioner might become blocked. Examine this out, and if it’s clogged up, try to clear it.

If you’re experiencing any of these typical problems with your ac unit, give Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL a call today.

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Effective Heating and Cooling from Heat Pumps

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When your aged heating and cooling system demands replacing, think about an air-source heat pump. These are one of the most energy-efficient ways to condition your house says Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL. A heat pump is capable of producing three times much more heat from one unit of energy, something that other type of fuel-burning heaters or electric heating systems can not.

Heat pumps function by moving heat from one location to another. They deliver it inside in the winter season and remove it in the summer, like a refrigerator does. Each heat pump has a reversing valve that makes it effortless to switch over from one feature to one more. An air-source heat pump functions well in our climate, since temperatures rarely approach cold in the winter months, when this kind has more trouble catching sufficient heat airborne to heat your residence.

A heat pump has 2 major parts: the exterior condenser and the compressor. The outside condenser consists of coils and

Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL

Outunit of heat pump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a compressor that puts the refrigerant struggling. The compressor delivers the refrigerant into the air handler, where an evaporator coil and blower fan are situated. As the fan blows over the evaporator coil, it exchanges the heat or takes it outdoors. In the summer season, the heat is taken outed from the refrigerant by taking outdoors air over the copper coils inside the condenser.

The pattern continues up until the thermostat indoors transforms the system off. An upgrade to an air-source system called a desuperheater could even take that squandered heat and utilize it to heat water when the system joins the cooling down mode.

The US Department of Energy states that “Although air-source heat pumps can be used in nearly all parts of the United States, they do not generally perform well during extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures. In regions with sub-freezing winter temperatures, it may not be cost-effective to meet all your heating needs with a standard air-source heat pump.”

An additional alternative to check out for an air-source system in our region is to have a variable-speed electric motor in the air trainer. This kind operates much more slowly, which assists it eliminate much more humidity, making you feel a lot more comfortable. These motors are silent and usage much less electrical power.

If you would certainly like to learn more concerning an air-source heat pump, contact Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL.

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