Five Common Air Conditioning Issues

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In the high summer heat, you may have your air conditioning system running complete blast for a minimum of 8– 10 hours a day. It’s around this time that numerous typical air conditioning unit troubles begin revealing– however with appropriate monitoring of the cooling system, they could be avoided says Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL.

The Five Most Common Air Conditioner ProblemsAC Repair Ft Myers FL

Incorrect refrigerant levels— the single most crucial look into preserving your ac unit is ensuring your refrigerant is at the proper level. The refrigerant in your AC is set at installation, and, barring poor setup, having inappropriate refrigerant levels implies you most likely have a leakage.

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leakage, do not try to just add more refrigerant– this will not solve the underlying problem and, if you add too much, can cause more damage. Rather, call an HVAC business to come out and fill the leakage. Trust us– it will save you substantially in the long run.

A note about leaky refrigerant: lots of symptoms associated with poor levels resemble those that come when your filters should be replaced. Before you require air conditioner repair work, attempt replacing the filters and see if that does anything. If you have changed them and your AC still is not working, this is normally a sign of larger troubles.

Poor maintenance— one of the most typical air conditioning unit troubles is the absence of correct air conditioning unit upkeep. A great deal of individuals presume that if their air conditioners worked in 2012, they’ll work this year, no issue. Like anything mechanical, air conditioners are subject to pretty extreme wear and tear– both when they’re running throughout the summer season and when they’re off during the winter. If you do not set up seasonal ac unit maintenance every summer, there’s no telling exactly what could fail with your air conditioner– anything from filthy coils that decrease your AC’s effectiveness to finish compressor or fan failure!

Electrical control failure— if your air conditioner is extra-large, it will need to cycle regularly to maintain your home’s temperature level. If this takes place, it can trigger the fan regulates or compressor to break rapidly. Even if your AC is the right size, rusting metals and wires can trigger significant troubles with your AC operation, potentially jeopardizing your entire system.

Heat sensor troubles— if you have a room ac unit that appears to be behaving unevenly, it may be having some issues with its heat sensor. The heat sensor gauges the temperature level of air blowing into the evaporator coil, and if it breakdowns, it can cause the AC to cycle on and off or simply closed down. The heat sensor need to be placed as near the coil as possible, without in fact touching it. If it gets knocked out of place, you can generally adjust it by readjusting the wire that holds it in location.

Drainage troubles— if it’s humid outside, the condensate drain on your air conditioner might become blocked. Examine this out, and if it’s clogged up, try to clear it.

If you’re experiencing any of these typical problems with your ac unit, give Air Conditioning Repair Ft Myers FL a call today.

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