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One can pay a little for regular air conditioning service in Ft Myers FL or pay substantially more later for a major repair we know at AC Keepers. Unless one has regular maintenance, an air conditioner will lose about 5 % of it’s efficiency for each year of operating. A regular service check ought to include cleaning the condenser coils, checking the amp draw of the compressor, oiling all fan motors, checking belts and checking the system operating pressures and temperatures to manufacturer’s specifications.

When your air conditioning system requires a tune up or you have a break down, we will respond to your needs with outstanding service. Our professionals follow the highest standards of quality, from installing a new thermostat to an energy efficient air conditioning system. AC Keepers provides qualified Ft Myers air conditioning repair services and repairs by trained and certified technicians. We never outsource our services to sub AC contractors; all air conditioners are service by our own staff.

What To Expect from Air Conditioning Repair Fort MyersFort Myers Air Conditioning Repair

Done Right & On-Time
Flexible Scheduling
Same Day Service
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Licensed and Insured
Professional Technicians

Our AC Repair Service Inspection Includes

Cooling Cycle Check
Install gauges and check operating pressures
Check voltage and amperage to all motors
Check air temperature drop across evaporator
Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks
Lubricate all moving parts
Check belt and adjust tension
Check filters
Check pressure switch cut-out settings
Check starting contactor contacts
Check all wiring and connections
Clean and adjust thermostat
Check air temperature drop across condenser
Check that condensate drain is open; turn exposed dampers to cooling position if marked.

We guarantee excellent workmanship and customer service from all of our technicians.   Check out our blog with lots of self maintenance tips and ideas too, to help you save money on your energy bills.  When you need routine maintenance or want to reduce costs on electric bills and in staying cool this summer season, we can help!  Give AC Keepers a call below or contact us here.

AC Repair Ft Myers

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