Why Air Conditioners Leak

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An air conditioner is created to create a small amount of water while it is operating because of condensate removal. Nevertheless, if water is running from ones air conditioner it has to be evaluated immediately for something is not okay with just how it is running. There are various locations of water leaks on an AC system, though a lot of the time we see them occurring from the same few spots. Any leaking water inside the residence has to be repaired swiftly, for one does not want to add water damage cleanup and repair to the total expense of taking care of the air conditioning system leak. Also, the longer the cooling system do without being fixed, the bigger the leak will typically end up being.

Regular Ft Myers AC System Water Leak Locations

These are some of the most usual locations where water may be leaking from ones home AC system.

Condensate Tray and Drain

The additional moisture that normally is created while the AC system is working leaves the system from the condensate tray and drain. The tray that accumulates the condensate water is located underneath the AC evaporator. There is a drain pipe that the tray is supposed to drain into, and after that the water runs outside the house. Often the drain tray might have a crack or is not tilted correctly to drain water right into the drain pipe. If this is the case, the water will not flow outdoors and will certainly overflow in the condensate drain tray.

One more opportunity is the condensate drain itself may be blocked or have a crack in the pipe. When the drain pipe is loaded with sufficient water, the condensate tray will no longer be able to drain. Eventually it will overflow and will certainly continuously do so till the drain obstruction is fixed.

Due to Reduced Refrigerant

It is an intriguing sight to have an AC unit with ice on it in the summertime. Nonetheless, when the refrigerant level is low, it can create the coils in the evaporator to freeze. When this happens ice develops on the coils. When the system is turned off, the ice will certainly thaw, creating water to drip off the coil and onto the surface area below. This melting water could cause several problems if the evaporator unit lies in the attic of the residence.air-conditioning-duct-insulation

Ductwork that is Not Insulated Effectively

Because the ductwork is metal, it is very easy for it to create condensation when the temperature shifts from warm to cool as conditioned air flows through it. By insulating the ductwork it will certainly aid to decreasing the temperature adjustments and it will additionally absorb any kind of condensation that could collect. At any time the ductwork is not insulated, condensation could base on it and drip, causing leakage.

These are a few of the usual reasons why ones air conditioning system be leaking water, though not the only factors. It benefits house owners to be aware of the basics of just how their house cooling systems operate and to examine them frequently making sure water leakages, or anything else unnecessary is occurring with the system. Provide a local AC repair Ft Myers business a call if you are not sure exactly what should be provided for a repair.